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Comet Girl Sunnies

Jayne Boomerang

Jayne Boomerang

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These look like a pair Jayne Mansfield would have owned! SOO atomic with a sleek boomerang front design, and small metallic gold finned accent detail on the sides. Translucent front frame & opaque black arm make these two tone sunnies a must have for everyday.
"If you're going to be a movie star, you should live like one."- Jayne Mansfield
 Comes with a drawstring soft pouch for storage.

Care Instructions

The paint used is oil based and should not come off easily. However, like most hand painted surfaces, some chipping/scratching may occur over time if sunnies aren’t kept in a case or pouch. To clean, please use soft fabric, some eyeglass cleaner and light circular rubbing to remove any smudges or fingerprints.
Do not use paper towels- they will scratch your lenses. Remember: be gentle and treat them with love and they will last you a long, long time ❤

Comet Girl Sunnies are painted with love and brought to you by Trisha Martin of Walk The Line pinstriping studio! Where each pair of hand painted sunglasses is slightly different from the next so no two pairs will be exactly the same- and that's the coolest part of owning a pair.

Walk The Line pinstriping offers traditionally styled free-hand pinstriping since 2009. Inspired by the works of the founding fathers of pinstriping, Ed Roth, Von Dutch & Dean Jeffries, Trisha is a self taught pinstriper that has a passion for creating unique and custom designs.

Thank you for looking and thank you for your support!

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